Marketing Plan


Marketing’s a lot like law at its core. When we look at some of the mechanisms in separation and in their bare form, they seem easy to understand and to apply. However, intricacies, details, fundamentals and lack of precision quickly start piling up. And they pretty much never occur separately.


Creating a sound foundation for marketing activities, a plan or a strategy, may seem like quite a daunting task. It demands proper skills, outlook, allocation of resources and so on.


We understand that. 

We engaged them to develop a marketing strategy and outsource our marketing services, and me have been extremely impressed with their work so far.

The plan features:

  • The strategic outline – what your firm is, what it currently does, and what it aims to be and do in the future.
  • Communications summary and recommendations – an analysis of current communications combined with a carefully crafted set of guidelines on how to conduct them in the future.
  • Actions – a number of big ideas that could be introduced in order to accomplish your business goals, i.e. generate more leads or improve your employer branding.
  • Timeline – because all of this needs to be placed in time.
  • Budget – so you know what to expect and what can be realistically done in regard to finances.


We will give you:

Attainable goals

As we have 10 years of experience in legal marketing, we know what is realistic and what is not. Because of this, we’re able to accurately adjust the KPIs for the activities prepared for you.

Carefully crafted activities

You have a limited set of resources and time. We understand that, and we will take them under consideration. Because of this, the plan you’ll have will be filled to the brim with activities that will help you with realising your goals, while not having them put an unnecessary strain on your resources and team.


As the plan will not take months or years to create, you’ll have the possibility of making adjustments to current market circumstances and maintaining a clear picture of where you and your firm are headed towards.

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