Your Law Firm’s website can be much better

Once upon a time, all law firm websites looked the same. They were green or blue and had to include a majestic image of Themis, a scale, or a hammer.
If at least one of these elements is still present on your website, it is a sign that you need a new one.
You should also think about a website if you are just entering the legal market.
In each of these cases, we will prepare for you a website that reflects your personality and your law firm’s business.

Lets start with WHY

Why does your law firm need a website?

There are at least 4 reasons, but if you tell us about your law firm – we can easily find more.


    Paper business cards are becoming less and less useful. Your place on the web is now your primary business card.

  • SALE

    With a clear and aesthetically pleasing website you can convince customers to use your services. Referrals aren't everything - your competitors probably already know that.


    On your website you can show what really makes your law firm stand out. It's your place and it's up to you what your clients will see.


    Modern website can handle everything - even a description of the most complicated cases you've won recently. Don't hide your knowledge and experience from the world.

This is how we work

How is your website created?

Stage I (Idea)

Website structure

We will create a clear map. We will explain the links between elements

List of features

We will introduce you to the possibilities of your new website


We will prepare a set of graphic inspirations

Precise pricing

After completing Stage 1 and knowing your exact expectations - you will receive a precise quotation

Stage II (Implementation)

Design of key subpages

We will start designing. Your website will no longer be just a concept - it will start to take shape


Our team of developers will make sure that the graphic design and the functionalities selected by you will work perfectly together

Entering content

We will add the necessary content - including photos and text


Your website will see the light of day and start winning customers' hearts. We've got it!

Your website will be
supervised by a super
team of specialists.
And cool people.

We know that a new law firm website is a serious matter. That is why we will devote exactly as much time as necessary to your project and we will always be ready to dispel your doubts. By the way, we will make sure that the atmosphere of cooperation is pleasant. Because we simply like people.



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And if you're wondering if anyone will even notice your new website, then...

… we know from experience that yes. First of all it will be appreciated by customers. Our projects have been repeatedly awarded in prestigious rankings.



Law firm websites ranking:
2019, 2020, 2021

Tax advisory websites ranking:
2020, 2021



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Our projects

You already know everything. Now all that’s left is for you to take a look at our projects. We are proud of each and every one of them – there is a unique story behind them.

Shall we talk?

If you like our approach and appreciate our projects, please email or call us. We look forward to talking to you. Let’s do something out of the ordinary together!

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