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What should be the visual identification?

  • Well-thought-out

    Emphasizing what’s best. Properly positioning your law firm and reaching the desired recipients with the appropriate message. Well designed website will help you in attorney advertising.

  • Unique

    Different to other attorney websites, non-standard and underlining the original character of your law firm.

  • Effective

    Executing image-related goals. Making your law firm look reliable to the client, building your authority in the industry. We know the rules of law firm marketing.

  • Responsive

    Available and easy to use on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC)

How do we develop the best law firm websites?

1. Cooperation /10h

Development of the attorney website consists of the following: concept, design, programming, and publishing.

At the beginning, it is a good idea to get to know your law firm – this is what the brief is used for, it means an interactive survey about the law firm as well as a questionnaire identifying your needs in relation to the website that will be developed.

Some paperwork also has to be taken care of in the meantime, such as the contract, the draft of which will be prepared by us. After arrangements are made between us and the contract is agreed, we start work on your website.

During the entire process, you will be offered assistance from our Project Manager (PM).

  • brief
  • contract
  • project manager

People involved

Time for your accept

2. Concept /15h

This is the core of our work performed for you. We use our knowledge about the legal market and experience in promoting various law firms in Poland and abroad to create an idea that will fulfill your goals.

Proper positioning of the law firm, emphasizing the strongest points and creating messages that will reach the actual recipients are our advantages. We focus on industries, specializations or the particular entities that you are looking for.

We like talking business instead of beating around the bush. We value characteristic law firms and not necessarily stereotypical ones.

  • analysis of strong points and unique features
  • marketing communication
  • functionality

Time for your accept

3. Design /40h

We create information architecture and individual color schemes for you. They are unique because we don’t use templates.

We know that the content we want to communicate has an impact on the graphical layout of the website, and not the other way around.

The aesthetics of the project is very important because it defines the image of the law firm to a high extent. It is based on a number of components: aiming at proper positioning of the law firm and making it stand out as well as receipt of messages by the clients. We pay special attention to aesthetics.

  • IA design
  • graphic design

Time for your accept

4. Development /40h

We will develop the entire website comprehensively, keeping in mind that there are hundreds of devices on the market, that allow browsing of your law firm’s website.

We want your website to be displayed correctly on a 60-inch TV or a rarely used BlackBerry smartphone with a square screen.

We implement CMS, namely the administrative panel that will enable you to be independent and manage the website content as you desire. This is why we will train you on managing your website, introducing changes, and editing it.

Additionally, you will receive an annual hosting package from our verified partner (

  • frontend – graphics programming
  • backend - implementing CMS
  • programming tests

Time for your accept

5. Publication /20h

We upload all content and materials that have been created by you. We test and check if everything is as you wished. We are nitpickers and analyze all aspects of the website before it is published online.

We remember about SEO, meaning proper preparation of the content and code of the website so that it is successfully positioned in search engines such as Google.

We integrate professional site visit statistics and from the moment of the website launch (i.e. when it is connected to the target domain), we monitor the results of its functioning.

After publication, we discuss and recommend further activities so that the potential of the created website is fully utilized.

We are happy with above-average effects of the lawyer websites we developed.

  • CMS training
  • SEO optimization
  • analytics integration
  • programming tests
  • publication
  • advice and promotion

End of the project


„We appreciate involvement, full professionalism and work discipline of the T&S guys. Everything was delivered on time and, as a principal, we did not have to bother about the pace of action. The final result, in the form of implementation of marketing actions was very satisfying, substantive and is a solid base for further actions.”

dr Patryk Filipiak i Michał Babicz,
partners at FilipiakBabicz

„Marcin Tomczak and Jacek Stanisławski exhibited high creativity and involvement when cooperating with our Law Firm. Their approach to the executed projects displayed the highest level of professionalism.”

Prof. UAM dr hab. Krystian M. Ziemski
Ziemski & Partners

„I can rate my cooperation with Tomczak │ Stanisławski very high. The speed of response, reliability, proactive approach to the needs of customers are important characteristics. I recommend T&S to everyone who is looking for professional and creative services delivered on time.”

Robert Siwik,
Robert Siwik Public Procurement Law Firm

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