Holistic Approach to Legal Marketing

Wondering how to build your law firm’s image? How to make your firm synonymous with the word expert in the minds of your clients? How to gain your clients’ trust, which will convert into growth and profits?


Each of these goals requires a good plan, and a marketing strategy provides one. Among the many opportunities available in the traditional media and the Internet, we will help you choose the solutions that will be most effective for your business. Together, we will plan and carry out unconventional actions, which will help the information about Your law firm reach potential recipients. We will advise where and how to talk about your business, so that the audience understands you, trusts you and becomes your client.

Lets start with WHY

Why does your Law Firm need a marketing strategy?

There are at least 4 reasons, but if you tell us about Your law firm – we can easily find more.

  • Knowledge

    There are many marketing opportunities for your law firm. Together, we will choose the ones that will support your business and enhance your image.

  • Awareness

    Reach new groups of clients. Let the world know about your work.

  • Image

    Create a professional look for your company, build an expert opinion through marketing activities.

  • Sale

    Well-run marketing has a direct effect on sales and customer acquisition. Referrals are not enough, check what opportunities are open to you.

This is how we work

Engaging conversations and advice on law firm marketing

Consultation meetings + communication concept

Before meeting

Collecting information about the company and activities

1st Meeting

Collecting information for further work and common discussions about the goals of the firm

Creative work

Development of proposed solutions by a 4-person team

2nd Meeting

Presentation of proposed solutions and recommendations to start further work

Extra meeting

Within 30 days after the 2nd meeting you have the option for additional consultation and questions

Your marketing strategy
will be supervised by
a super team of specialists:

We know how crucial marketing strategy is for your law firm. Therefore, we will spend on your project exactly as much time as needed, and we will always be ready to clarify your doubts. By the way – we will ensure pleasant atmosphere of cooperation. Because we like people.



Legal Copywriter






You already know everything. Now all that's left is to read our recommendations. We are proud of each of them - each of them has a unique story.

I am very pleased to unconditionally recommend the professional services of Messrs. Tomczak and Stanisławski. Everything promised was delivered professionally, timely and on budget.
I will call upon Marcin and Jacek again when I need real original thinking and positioning in the very competitive Warsaw legal market. They are a high energy team that stand out and can make a winning difference.

Ronald B. Given
Co­-Managing Partner, Wolf Theiss Warsaw Office

TOMCZAK STANISŁAWSKI MARKETING team has necessary knowledge, knows the market and is involved in every project. It is a proven partner for large and demanding law firms.

Michał Babicz
Managing Partner, FILIPIAKBABICZ

The ideas for the #RODOBUS and Hospitality Lawyer projects surprised us at first. They were something we hadn’t seen in the legal industry and showed that it was possible to think about the industry in unusual ways.
Implementation of these projects by TOMCZAK STANISŁAWSKI MARKETING showed us that in addition to the idea we got great execution and measurable business results.

Adam Strażecki
Managing Partner, Strażecki Jaliński i Wspólnicy

TOMCZAK STANISŁAWSKI MARKETING team cooperating with our Law Firm, showed great creativity and engagement.
For the projects prepared by the TS team, the Firm received the title of “Innovative Law Firm” awarded by the National Chamber of Legal Advisers.

Maciej Kiełbus
Partner, Dr Krystian Ziemski & Partners

Shall we talk?

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