Hubert Włodarek

Strategic consulting    |   +48 603 880 534


Innovation’s an activity that allows to use already existing assets in a new way – that’s how I approach the marketing of my clients, by introducing new solutions. Sure, the strategies of marketing B2B services may strongly differ from each other, but two things they all have in common are the service itself and the professional behind it (a lawyer in this case). 

The key is to grasp their essence and to make it understandable and enticing for the right recipient.

I advise law firms that want to grow in all different facets of business. I’m responsible for managing and working alongside a team of marketing superstars, and I ensure that our services are delivered in the best possible way and always aim for the optimal outcome. I specialise in noticing and leveraging details that set lawyers apart from each other.

Law firms, in my opinion, are just companies like any others, and they are supposed to be appropriately managed – marketing and communications are a huge part of that. Obtaining a degree in Project and Innovations Management and working as a lawyer for more than 15 years so far allowed me to become as acquainted with the legal industry as it gets.

I run NARTOMANIAK – probably the best skiing club for families. I consider it a pastime and a passion. I’ve also had opportunities to dive in fascinating locations, such as the shipwrecks of MF Jan Heweliusz, SS Thistlegorm or in extraordinary natural locations such as the Morskie Oko lake in Tatra mountains (elevated at 1395 m above sea level).