Marcin Tomczak

Strategic consulting    |   +48 788 888 827


A creative marketer focusing on the Internet area. Marcin supports law firms and delivers marketing solutions on strategic, tactic and operational levels.

He headed an interactive agency and led 300 various marketing projects, including trans-border ones. Marcin worked with over 100 companies, institutions and organizations.

He graduated from three universities (not only Polish), specializes in on-line marketing, market research and public opinion polls, political marketing and law sociology.

Marcin lectures at the District Chamber of Attorneys (ORA) in Poznań on legal marketing. He is also a frequent lecturer and coach at conferences and workshops for legal advisers and attorneys all over Poland.

Marcin originated an international conference for advanced lawyers – Legal Market Day.

He is a practicing enthusiast of motorboat sports (international juror) and ski racing. A keen triathlon amateur who finds joy in getting better results.